Single Market barriers

Commerce Contribution in CEE region:

  • Major impact on the transformation process in the CEE region
  • Groundbreaking impact on market economy
  • Modernisation of the sector
  • Made the region attractive to investors
  • Contributed to the growth of other sectors
  • Strengthened export market
  • Stimulated consumption and production
  • Breakthrough in food processing

Consequences of the trade related restrictions:

  • Weakening of GDP economies based on internal market
  • Increase in inflation
  • Increase in consumer prices
  • Increase in cheap imported products
  • Decrease in domestic production
  • Reduced product quality
  • Barriers for establishment of new stores
  • Damage of the positive image of our countries within investor community

Restrictions breach the TFEU:

  • Art. 18 Prohibition of distrimination against natural persons or undertakings on grounds of nationality
  • Art. 49 Freedom of establishment
  • Art. 56 Freedom to provide services
  • Art. 28 and 29 free movement of goods